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Warframe Is Giving Away Free Items Leading Up To TennoCon 2022

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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TennoCon 2022 is almost upon us and Warframe developer Digital Extremes is getting fans hyped up. Starting today and running through Friday, Tennos can grab some free Alerts to celebrate.

With TennoCon happening this Saturday at 12:30 PM ET, the Digital Extremes team is running some special Alerts to celebrate. Each of these Alerts will start at 11 AM ET each day and run through three days leading up to TennoCon 2022.

Gift of the Lotus Warframe

The items on offer are the following:

  • Monday, July 11th - Orokin Catalyst
  • Tuesday, July 12th - Exilus Weapon Adapter
  • Wednesday, July 13th - 5x Brilliant Eidolon Shards
  • Thursday, July 14th - 3x Forma
  • Friday, July 15th - Umbra Forma Blueprint

Warframe's annual event, TennoCon, is back this year and the team has been building it up for the past month and half, teasing some of the updates fans can expect this Saturday. The team also announced rewards for simply watching the event, including Titania Prime, and more. 

We can expect to see the upcoming expansion, The Duviri Paradox, this weekend, as well as an in-game relay event when the TennoCon keynote begins at 5 PM ET. You can check out the full TennoCon 2022 event schedule on the Warframe website.


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