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Warframe Invites Tennos To Show Off Their Shawzin Skills With New Contest

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Strumming a tune on Warframe's Shawzin instrument is a great way to pass time and wind down after a long day. But now it could be a way to earn Prime Access or Platinum thanks to a new contest.

Starting now through October 3, Tennos can enter the Sounds of the Shawzin contest either as a solo act or as a band. You'll need to play an original song on your Shawzin - no covers allowed - but those who win can gain Platinum or even Wukong Prime Access.

Solo and group submissions will be judged separately so this means there will be 5 solo finalists and 5 group finalists. Songs can't exceed four minutes, and while Tennos can incorporate other instruments into their songs, the Shawzin must be the focus. 

Be sure to check out the Warframe website for full details. The content runs until 1pm EST on October 3, so there is still time to get your submissions in on the judging thread. This is open to all players, regardless of platform as well, so it's time to get the band back together and strum that Shawzin.


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