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Warframe: Empyrean Is Out Now on PC

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Remember when I said the launch of Empyrean was going to be soon, very soon? Well, is today soon enough? Moments ago at The Game Awards in Los Angeles, Rebecca Ford, Director of Live Operations, announce that Warframe Empyrean is now ready for download on PC. If that was not enough for their team to handle, Rising Tide is now available for Xbox and PlayStation 4. While you wait for the download to finish, you might as well read about what you can expect for Empyrean.


You can now take your Railjack out of the dry dock and start mowing down Grineer, or you can enter Free Flight mode to get used to how your ship is going to handle. If you do choose to take your Railjack into battle, you might as well customize it to look good while you do your Space Ninja thing. You can now customize your ship’s name, colors and skins. I would suggest one thing before you roll out of the dry dock, you should probably construct some weapons, armor, and the powers. The upgrade systems you will be able to customize are:

  1. Avionics: The avionics act as upgradable powers for your Railjack. The Railjack powers are like your Warframe’s powers.
  2. Armaments: These are your weapons. With armaments, you can choose from the different firepower types.
  3. Components: These upgrades are the core systems of your ship. You want stronger guns, upgrade your gun (duh). You want a faster more agile ship, upgrade your engines. You want to be the Frost Prime of space, upgrade your shields. You can even upgrade your reactor to give you more reactor power stuff.
  4. Intrinsics: The intrinsics is a new feature that is adding more RPG elements into Warframe. By completing missions, you will gain Intrinsic points to build your Tenno’s rank and skills.

Solo or not to Solo:

You can solo, but at this phase, the Empyrean update is just the foundation of the systems that are going to come. To get the best experience out of Railjack's missions, it is best to take a squad with you or use the matchmaking system to find other like-minded players. As I said before, if you have your own Railjack, it might be a good idea to take it out using the Free Flight mode. At this point, everyone playing Railjack missions is going to be at the same experience level and the same power level. Mastery Rank in Railjack is not important. What is important is having fun and building your experience with the mode. As you progress, you will get abilities like “Juke” and “Augmented Reality Gunner.” There are other abilities like Cloaking Fields and Void Holes. As you progress you will become a critical part of building strong teams even without a dedicated squad.

Your download should be done now, so get out there and kick some Grineer butt! Once you’ve had a chance to play Railjack, come back here and tell us what you think. What did you like about the new game mode, and what would you change? If you want to feel free to add me (Scarybooster) to your squad and friend’s list.

This news post was written by contributor Aaron Couture.


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