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Warframe Dev Livestream Showcases Empyrean Update, Kuva Lich System

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A new developer live stream for Warframe covers off the Kuva Lich System, various reworks, and the October mainline update.

The Kuva Lich system has been discussed previously, but the main points include a system with procedurally spawning enemies.

“Each Lich has their own unique weapon with their own innate bonuses. In their generation, they could also come with an oddity characteristic which comes with unique gameplay moments. Kuva Lich influence on the Origin System. Nodes where their followers are will be marked on the Star Chart -- kill these followers to reduce influence.”

A rework to Vauban was discussed with an unchanged passive, but many changes to the Second Ability:

Second Ability - Minelayer: A complete replacement of his mines! Here are their new functions:

  • Sticky Ripline: pulls enemies in wherever it sticks
  • Nail Grenade: as if you gave sentience to a nail gun with a score to settle, it fires nails in all directions over a duration (instead of all at once)
  • Boost Pad: lays down a walk pad, granting a boost of speed in a chosen direction (indicated by arrows)
  • Damage Amp: will latch onto you or a nearby ally, giving a flat damage buff.

Check out the stream below, or highlights here.


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