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Warframe Celebrates Halloween All Month With Spooky Events and Rewards

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It's October, and more seasonal fun is now going on in Warframe. The Nights of Naberus event is now live and will run through November 3rd at 2pm ET. There's also a free playable quest and Day of the Dead going on too.

In Warframe, the seasonal event brings both new and returning items, and lots of action Nights of Naberus is the Halloween event and it's themed after the Orokin festival of death and mischief. You'll be able to start playing through the event on any supported platform by heading to visit Daughter in Necralisk on Deimos. She'll be at her shop, which will give you a taste of the themed items you can earn and some other Halloween goodies. 

Speaking of rewards, you'll be able to earn Mother Tokens and exchange for loot that includes a Whispering Naberus Mobile for your Orbiter. Just in case you wanted a ghost story, that's available when you interact with it. There's also a new Nyctalus Ephemers, along with Stalker Noggle, Ceti Lacera Blueprint, and more. Time to dress up and feel spooky.

Chains of Harrow is a free to play quest you can also sink some time into, starting with the prequel webcomic RELL, before you plunge into the spooky tale that involves a disturbing transmission, whispers, echoes and mystery from an abandoned Steel Meridian ship. So what happened to the ship and its occupants? And what in the creepy world is responsible? You'll be able to play through this quest after you complete The War Within and unlock Mot in the Void. Your reward if you solve it? A Harrow Warframe Blueprint.

The Day of the Dead also returns, with some returning items, like Day of the Dead weapon skins, Syndanas, and armor at a special discount. There's also a Halloween Glyph bundle that's new for this year. For more on Nights of Naberus, see the official announcement here.


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