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Warframe Celebrates 8 Years With Dex Anniversary Items, Xbox Series X Build Targeted For April

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Warframe's Devstream today talked about its plans for its 8 year anniversary, as well as gave some news on TennoCon 2021 and the aniticapted Xbox Series X build of the MMO.

Warframe is celebrating its 8th anniversary with the return of Dex anniversary items, including the Dex Rhino skin which players can earn simply by logging in during the celebrations. The team will have more information on the anniversary celebrations soon. 

For those looking for news on the Xbox Series X port of Warframe, Digital Etremes announced it was aiming for April for the Series X release. Also coming in April 2021 is Sevagoth, which the team showed off his alt helmet on air today. 

Warframe also teased Vala, a new character coming in the upcoming Call of the Tempestarii quest in Update 30.

The team also talked about the recent Railjack release today, looking at feedback from the PC build on air. This included discussions about "including more core Warframes game types into the Railjack ecosystem[.]"

"With Corpus Railjack, we saw the first versions of Railjack gameplay leading into core Warframe missions: Defense, Orphix Venom, Exterminate, and Volatile (new mode!).

Scott explained that the requirements for all squadmates to enter the “on-ground” portion of the mission was tied to AI spawning limitations. With that said, we are very much aware of the requests for more mission diversity in these nodes, and we are working to include more core Warframe game types into the Railjack ecosystem!"

The Warframe devstream also highlighted the team's vision for rewards in Warframe as a whole, as well feedback regarding Gunnery Rank 10's auto-aim and its downsides. The team stated that while they feel like the perk earned in Rank 9 helps "off-set the extra heat accretion," they are open to feedback and revisiting this down the road.

Finally, with the pandemic and many places still maintaining COVID-19 distancing and work protocols, TennoCon 2021 was confirmed to be digital only again this year. Expect more information soon.

If you want to check out the devstream in full, check out the embed below. You can also head to the official Warframe devblog for the full breakdown.


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