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Warframe Angels of the Zariman Launching April 27th, Digital Extremes Details New Features

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Warframe continues to expand upon its Cinematic Quest Saga with the upcoming Angels of the Zariman update. Digital Extremes released a ton of new details today in a dev stream that also confirmed a release date of April 27th.

Angels of the Zariman is a sequel and direct follow-up to The New War expansion. You’ll have to have completed The New War in order to get started in this new update. The update also expands upon the world and customization options by adding a social hub, customizable apartments, and other new options. Of course, you’ll also be able to get your hands on a new Warframe, Gyre.

Gyre is the 49th playable Warframe and she’ll be available to buy or earn by playing, Graceful, but powerful, she spins her mechanisms to generate electricity, which you can use to take down your enemies. Her signature weapon, Alternox, has two electric fire modes: Primary fire and Alternate fire. Primary fire sends charged orbs at enemies, while Alternate fire shocks enemies with a long electric bolt. Her abilities rely on using her generated electricity, often serving as an AoE ability, including Rotorswell, which can chain from one enemy to surrounding ones.

Digital Extremes is also building out the world here with the new Social Hub, the Chrysalith. This hub, located in the Zariman Ten Zero, will be a spot where you can meet characters and friends, take on certain missions without loading screens, and is the gateway to the new customizable apartments. These customizable Apartments will let you decorate and create a home for yourself. This means a variety of decorations and furniture will also be available.

Missions accessible from the Chrysalith will be a take on the classic four-player missions, with the addition of new enemies. 

One of these, Void Flood, will be a parkour-based mission type, where you have to collect Void Energy to seal Ruptures. If you are able to seal three, a miniboss will spawn. Another type, Void Cascade, is a survival mission. Start deep in the middle of an emergency where player life support is already on decay because of possessed Thrax Centaurions. These new enemies are slow moving, but hardy Void enemies. A major threat comes from Wraiths too. Clean up the Exolizers to bring life support back to strength. There’s also Void Armageddon, which is to be announced later, but the name is telling.

Also in the update will be new supporter packs, a new Valkyr Carnivex Collection, a rework of the Operator Focus School (all Focus points will be refunded on the launch), and more.

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