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Warframe Adds Cross-Platform Play, With More Features, Like Cross-Platform Save, To Come

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It’s easier than ever to play Warframe with friends, as Digital Extreme has enabled Cross-Platform Play support. 

Cross-Platform Play is a system that, what else, allows people to spend some time playing their Tenno with those who have the game on other platforms. This will also allow for those in different regions to play together too. While the introduction of this support covers some key aspects of Warframe, it is still in continued development, with more features to roll out over time.

So what can you do with Cross-Platform Play right now? Missions, for one. Play on PC with your buddies on PlayStation and take on missions together. Maybe you’re on Nintendo Switch and you want to team up with someone on Xbox. The support involves all current platforms. You can access public matchmaking (which should speed up queuing) or simply join someone’s squad directly. Also available is text chat access to coordinate. VOIP is a feature coming later. 

You can meet in relays and also visit Dojos (though there’s currently a bug that means you’ll have to form your squad only after you’re all in the Dojo together. If you’ve toggled on Cross-Platform Play support, you’ll have a platform icon next to your name that will let you and others know that the person you see has it turned on.

While this support is launching, there is one major thing that is lacking right now, and that is cross-platform save. This will be added later, and Digital Extremes promises to provide continuous updates on the development of cross-platform play as well as when all of the new features are set to be added.

Digital Extremes COO Sheldon Carter, in a release on the feature going live, said, “Warframe will always be a game best played and enjoyed with friends and that’s why launching Cross Platform Play is such an incredible moment for us”.

Visit the cross-platform guide over at Warframe for more.


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