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Warcraft Players Show RPing Isn't Dead in MMOs

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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All is not lost, fans of RP’ing in MMOs. World of Warcraft players rioted against the Banshee Queen by standing atop Orgrimmar gates on the Argent Dawn EU-RP server recently.

The Reddit thread is thoroughly entertaining, with some expressing outright confusion,

“As someone who does not play retail or has payed attention to the lore, what's going on?”

Fortunately, the explanation to this inquiry was just as entertaining,

“The horde current leader is an absolute sociopath, hord players can remain loyal to her or rebel and support some older famous orc warchiefs who are rebelling for honor.

Old warchief orc confronts current sociopath warchief, challenged to a duel in front of those gates. Look up 8.2.5 cinematic.

So the rpers are staging a public protest of the results of said duel, and comments made in cinematic.

Wow story is going game of thrones with its drama and intensity…”

Additionally, in a post on Reddit, Aron Eisenberg’s son is organizing somewhat of a memorial for his late father in WoW. First, he reflected on his father,

“One game that I also played with him growing up (since I was 6) was World of Warcraft. He loved only playing undead casters, and we made so many mutual friends together on the game playing over the course of the past 15 years. He ran a guild when I was around 10 years old and I got to see him run PvE, PvP, and make sure EVERYONE got into the raid/RBG group that wanted to because he was just that kind of guy.”

He continues, discussing the memorial he is planning,

“What I wanted to share was if ANY of you play World of Warcraft, i'm hosting a memorial this sunday for his wife Malissa (shes going to make a character!) to honor him. It's going to be on the server Area 52 (retail wow, not classic), this sunday 9/29 at 7-8pm PST. I want to invite ALL of you there to gather in game and honor him with me, the friends HE had in wow, Malissa, and my mom. My dad played horde ONLY for 15 years, so make sure you dirty alliance players make a level 1 undead on the server at the time ;).”

Aron Eisenberg recently received a memorial in another MMO, STO. You can read about that here.


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