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War Thunder's Red Skies Update Brings MiG Fighters and More

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Watch the skies in War Thunder’s latest update. Dubbed “Red Skies,” keep your eyes on the lookout for Russian MiG fighter jets and more.

This latest update adds a new rank (VII) to aviation, including the Soviet MiG-23M and the Chinese J-7E fighter jets, as well as dozens of other military vehicles. These military vehicles include Soviet Yak-28B tactical bomber, modern Russian T-80BVM tank, German Marder A1 APC, Franko-Finnish ITO 90M SAM, and Italian Dante Alighieri battleship.

With these additions, the total count of real ground, air, and naval war machines to over 2000. Along with this, a new nuclear blast effect enables destruction of buildings in real-time. Two new maps are also added including Red Desert and Sunken City.

But the main attraction with this War Thunder update is the MiG fighter jets. Via the press release,

“The MiG-23M is the most modern aircraft in the Soviet/Russian tech tree and is currently the fastest fighter jet in the game. It has a variable sweep wing with three positions and a maximum speed of Mach 2.4. The MiG-23M brings down enemies with a twin autocannon, bombs, rockets, and air-to-air guided missiles, including the new R-23R with its radar homing head and the R-23T with a thermal seeker. The MiG-23M infrared search-and-track device is capable of capturing the thermal signature of an operating engine from an enemy aircraft at a very large distance and covertly launching a missile without alarming any enemy radar warning system.”

The update also includes some quality of life improvements like a naval shell chase camera. Watch the update video below. If you’re playing on PC, War Thunder received DLSS support last year, in addition to performance udpates on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. Moreover, crossplay was enabled on those consoles.


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