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War Thunder Will Add Finland as Latest Playable Nation in the Upcoming Fire and Ice Update

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War Thunder will be getting a new nation and lots more in the upcoming Fire and Ice update. Finland will join the game as the latest playable nation when the update arrives in the coming weeks.

In World War II and before, Finland generally used equipment it got from manufacturers elsewhere and then adopted those things with their own needs in mind. One example cited in the announcement of the brand new update is the Vickers Mk.E light tank, which was produced for, but not used by, the UK military. Those tanks were used by Finland and other nations. 

In the release announcing the new update, the team dives further into the amalgam that is the Finnish forces and their equipment and vehicles:

“Another unique example is the BT-42, a strange but very interesting conversion of captured Soviet BT-7s, recreated into assault guns with a British 4.5-inch howitzer and a turret of local Finnish design. After WW2, Finland purchased equipment from both the USSR and Western countries, so a user playing for Finland will have access to the strangest combinations of vehicles, i.e. the British-produced Vampire FB 52A fighter jet and the Soviet-produced T-72M tank (export version of the T-72A, appearing in the game for the very first time)”

There is no exact date for the release, but there's a brand new trailer and a preview of the Finnish ground and air forces that will be coming to the game, as well as a new map that is inspired by the country. The Fire and Ice update will also bring a whole host of new vehicles for land, air, and sea to other countries’ tech trees. Coming in the update are vehicles equipped with a brand new weapon type that hasn't been seen in War Thunder before. 

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