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War Thunder Updated with the Locked On Patch

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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War Thunder has been updated to v1.87 "Locked On" that brings a number of big changes and new content into the game. Players can look forward to Rank VII Ground Forces, advanced Supersonic jets, French Helicopters, new cruisers and new naval / ground battle locations across the Coral Islands. Lastly, Encounter missions will take place on Norway, Mediterranean port and Black Sea port maps.

  • Test flights has been refined. Additional air and ground targets have been added. The flight courses of the allied vehicles have been adjusted.
  • Test flight locations for Italian and French jets have been reworked.
  • Poland - Balancing changes in the south-western part of the map, which makes it impossible to fire upon some respawn points, have been implemented.
  • The textures in sand have been adjusted to get rid of repetitive landscape patterns.
  • Vietnam - Work on performance optimisation has been done. All reservoirs in the tank part of the location can now be crossed with vehicles.
  • On the “American Desert” location, building destructibility has been added. Traffic lights and fences have also been fixed.

Read the full update notes, including changes to several vehicles, planes and weapon damage models, by visiting the War Thunder site.


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