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War Thunder 'Sky Guardians' Update Adds Jets, First French Naval Units, Ejection Seats, and New Maps

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War Thunder  has added some new jets, new anti-aircraft systems, and the first French naval ships in its latest update. The Sky Guardians update also adds new aviation effects, ejection mechanics, and  new maps.

While the vehicles and anti-aircraft systems are the splashier parts of the update, there are some new and improved systems updates, and other improvements to check out. Ejection mechanics are here, and this means that planes can now have ejection seats. This means that if you attack a plane, there's a good chance the visuals will differ now. You may see the pilot get ejected from the cockpit and perhaps, the pilot parachuting down. Other improvements to physical aspects of flight touch up some things and add realism.

Those vehicles are important though, as they are in every update. Some of the highlighted new options include the Soviet Yak-141 VTOL fighter. There are new aviation units, new ground vehicles, as well as the USA AH-6M "Little Bird" helicopter.

War Thunder’s first two French naval ships arrive, in the form of the Duguay-Trouin cruiser and Aigle, the destroyer. These two will be available to purchase, and the entire French Navy tech tree will enter closed testing in one of the upcoming patches. If you buy one of the new French ships, however, you'll get an a guaranteed invite to that closed beta test 

In addition to the French naval ships, eight additional naval units are being added. 

When you have all of these new vehicles and changes, there's a need to have somewhere to use them. A new winter version of the Seversk map is in this patch. Ground Strike “Mountain Valleys” in Pyrenees, a new location, and Ground Strike in Sinai also join in this patch. There are also a few new RB missions for aircraft.

Head to War Thunder for the full details on changes, improvements, every new vehicle, and new game features.


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