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War Thunder 'Seek & Destroy' Update Brings Major Improvements Alongside New Vehicles

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War Thunders latest update, Seek & Destroy, is a big one, bringing a number of new features, quality of life and player experience improvements. The update advances several roadmap goals, and of course, adds a whole bunch of new vehicles to enjoy.

This is the second major update of the year, and a lot of it concerns player experience improvements. You can now drag and drop a vehicle over to a remove box area to get it out of a preset. The research tree UI gets the ability to collapse individual research ranks to leave things less cluttered. Cycle through your weapons by pressing Ctrl + E on PC or customize the keybind in the circle menu on console. You can now choose to have a max team size of 12 instead of 16 players in Air Realistic battles. The smaller team size should increase your chances of getting a faster match. Oh, and every nation gets FOX-3 missiles. 

These are just some of the improvements that are now available with this update.

There are new maps for both air battles and naval battles. 

Some of the other improvements are vehicles, such as wheels on your ground Vehicles now being physical and available for targeting. That's right, shoot out a vehicle's tires and they just may fall right off. The team has improved sounds, and added some new voice lines, and they've also tweaked the battle rating of some of the top tier aircraft.

Speaking of vehicles, The update introduces some lighter vehicles for several nations that will help make stronger supporting lineups. There are new top-tier jets added and the first Brazilian vehicle in the game, the AMX A-1A is now in the Italian tree as a premium aircraft. There are also a number of new ships added, and the team has remade the cockpits for a number of helicopters to improve their realism and graphics. The full list of new vehicles is extensive, as you  would expect.

The 2024 roadmap is represented by a number of key changes. There are extra modules for ground vehicles. They’ve updated number of crew models by era, including some of the German and Soviet crews and US pilots. Crew members gain some survivability, with a new way of automatically healing over time to a degree that won't induce debuffs. 

The full notes have all of the very extensive details included in Seek & Destroy.


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