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War Thunder Marks 10th Anniversary With New Content, Events, and Swag

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 War Thunder, fresh off its latest Fire and Ice update, is now celebrating its 10th anniversary with some fresh content, including vehicles releases, and events.

The anniversary celebrations last through November 14th, and they mark the time since War Thunder officially entered open beta on November 1, 2012. Happening right now is the start of the event, which includes a special hangar, celebratory decals and vehicle camouflages, and more.

To grab the 10th anniversary decal, just play one battle in any vehicle you have that’s rank III or above in any mode. By participating in multiplayer battles, you’ll also have a chance to get your hands on up to 10 rare premium vehicles from each of the anniversary event years. If you own the vehicles already, you’ll get premium time. Also up for grabs is the Maus. This German tank will be available to research and buy only through November 7th.

The team is also offering a number of discounts, which will rotate once after the 7th, as well as special packs of rare vehicles available in the shop in limited numbers.  There are also tournaments to play if you’re feeling up for a challenge. These will run at specific times, for 10 tournaments in total. Win these and get Golden Eagles and an E-100 heavy tank. 

Beginning as a World World II aviation combat game, things have certainly grown in the past decade for War Thunder, which now features over 2,000 military hardware items. The list includes a wide variety of vehicles, from tanks to anti-aircraft vehicles, helicopters, and ships. Gaijin even added drones recently. The latest nation, Finland, was added over the last week, and represents a standout change, since Finland’s vehicles are on the Swedish tech tree for reasons of historical accuracy.

For more on all event details, read the official announcement at War Thunder.


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