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War Thunder Launches Summer Quest Update With Four All-New Vehicles and a New Format

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War Thunder’s Summer Quest is on with the game’s latest summer event update. The cross-platform MMO  brings an event that will let you have a chance at getting four rare models of newly added military vehicles. The event will run through August 29th and takes a different format this time.

Summer Quest will let you get prizes just by earning Mission Points playing the game. This change is designed to let you get prizes faster, and add some options for prizing.  Every time you complete a task, you'll get a prize, and these prizes may consist of coupons for details, new camouflages for the new event vehicles, decorations, or player icons. 

The brand new vehicles for the event are the rank 3 Italian Zyrini I tank, Leopard 2AV, a rank IV German prototype tank, the F4D-1 rank IV fighter plane, and the IJN Haruna, a Japanese battleship.  

You'll be able to obtain special decals or camouflages for event vehicles. In order to get rewards during this event you'll have to earn Marks of Distinction on a specific vehicle type in the appropriate game mode to be able to unlock these four vehicles. Three of the vehicles, should you earn them, will be untradeable, but the Zyrini is tradable.

The tasks you have to complete will rotate every two days at 11 a.m. GMT and when you complete these tasks, you learn a Mark of Distinction on the corresponding vehicle type you performed the task on. Once you earn 40,000 Mission points in random battles. Normally you'd have to do this on Rank 3 + above but for event Vehicles you can start in any vehicle rank 1 and up.

If you've missed rewards from previous summer events, you'll be able to purchase a Summer Cocktail crate and a cocktail umbrella key in the item shop and open them for different rewards from previous summer events.

 For more details on Summer Quest, head over to War Thunder. 


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