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War Thunder Gets Hungarian Vehicles, New Map, and More, War Thunder Mobile More Realistic on New iPhones

iPhone 15 and 15 Pro wil bring a slew of visual and performance upgrades.

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War Thunder Mobile will deliver hardware-accelerated ray tracing and more improvements on the brand new Apple iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro. Meanwhile, on PC, War Thunder gets its latest major update, with new Hungarian vehicles, a new map, and visual updates.

Ray tracing works with the new A17 Pro chip, and the team says to expect more realistic shadows and additional realism as a result of the new technology. The team is already working with historically-inspired vehicles and maps, and from the mobile version to the PC version, have been tweaking and adding improvements for some time to make things even more realistic.

The new phones mean better performance, so in addition to ray tracing, there is support for Ultra High Textures and Metal FX Upscaling. With Ultra High Textures, expect even more detailed environments and vehicles. Metal FX Upscaling will handle performance improvements.

The new iPhone models were announced earlier this month with the news that they would support releases like the upcoming Assassin's Creed Mirage. The War Thunder Mobile team released a short trailer to accompany the announcement, getting a chance to show off their new polish.

On PC, War Thunder is marking its latest major update, “Sons of Attila”. The new patch adds Hungarian ground vehicles and the helicopter branch, dozens of other vehicles, and a number of improvements.There are new visual effects, and game features. “Rocky Pillars “ is the brand new map in the update, based on the lands of Southeast Asia, and designed for aircraft. 

As the mobile version of the game gets upscaling and visual improvements as well as more realistic presentation, the PC version is not to be left behind. There are new trees and wind effects in the patch, destroyable ammo, a realistic helicopter HUD, and even shots and explosions that should be more realistic.

Rocky Pillars was built as an aircraft map. There is an improved ground map as well in this release, test site 2271 which was originally in the atomic heart event but makes it into this patch in an improved version.

Read all the details on the Sons of Attila update, here at War Thunder.


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