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War Thunder Fire and Ice Update Adds Finland, Dozens of New Vehicles, and Two New Locations

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The Fire and Ice update for War Thunder has gone live, introducing Finland into the mix (along the Swedish tech tree for historically accurate reasons), new and updated vehicles, two new locations, and a number of fixes.

When it comes to adding new nations, there are a number of considerations to take, and in adding Finland to War Thunder, the team highlights one of them. Due to Finland’s role, the country’s efforts often used vehicles and tech originally made (and sometimes even unused) for other nations. Finland’s vehicles now branch off the Swedish tech tree for both the new aircraft and ground vehicles. There are over 20 new vehicles used by Finland in the update, and you’ll get to explore them in the Swedish tree.

There are also other new vehicles in the update, including the Japanese T-2 and Chinese Q-5L for aircraft. Over 30 ground vehicles have also been added, including new tanks and anti-aircraft vehicles for a number of nations. 

Finally, if you’re more of a naval enthusiast, there are 10 new units in the category, including the IJN Fus? battleship and USS Frank Knox.

So where will the new update take you? Possibly to the two new locations - Arctic and Rocky Canyon. The Arctic location is a huge one, designed for mixed battles and featuring two combat zones. The first zone is focused on battling for control of the Arctic station in an open terrain area. The area has hills that can be used for cover, but is otherwise open and covered in snow. The second area is a polar port, with three capture points, all featuring their own risks and dangers.

Rocky Canyon is just what it sounds like, and there are changes in elevation that should help with strategic positioning. With the terrain also being difficult, you’ll have to figure out good placement, how to get into range to attack your enemies, and avoid anti-aircraft missiles.

For the full update details, read the notes over at War Thunder. 


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