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War Thunder Entering the Age of Drones in September With A Huge New Update

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The Age of Drones has almost arrived in War Thunder, the next major update scheduled to be released in September. This update will bring reconnaissance and strike UAVs, expand tactical options,  add dozens of new vehicles, new maps, and more.

With a game centered around tactical warfare and vehicle battles, adding drones to the mix is intended to add depth to tactical army combat. With drones being tactically advantageous, they’re also light and vulnerable, can be shot down, and essentially require some strategic thinking on both ends. 

Modern light tank commanders will get the opportunity to use small reconnaissance drones. When launching them in the middle of battle, you’ll be able to switch to the drone and control it on its recon mission. The UAVs operate on battery power, so keep an eye on that, but they should be able to let you scan the battlefields as needed Getting up close and by using a special camera to scout from a distance. Some drone models also have thermal sights, so this update will add a variety of options that you can obtain and deploy when needed.

There are three types of attack drones also coming in the update  - The Russian Orion, Chinese Wing Loong 1, and American MQ-1. You can use the American attack drone while playing as any country except for Russia and China. This is based on a real drone that was used by the US Army up through 2018.

Also in the update are dozens of new vehicles. These include new tanks, aircraft, ships, and helicopters. There are also new maps. One of these, Pradesh, is set on the border between India and Pakistan,  with varied terrain that includes grassy hills, rocky areas, woody hills, and all with mountains behind them. This map will be one of the largest in the game.

For more on the update, head over to War Thunder.


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