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War Thunder Celebrating 75th Anniversary Of The End Of World War 2 With In Game Parade

Goes Live At The Exact Time The War In Europe Ended 75 Years Ago

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War Thunder is holding an in-game parade today commemorating the Allied Victory in Europe over Nazi Germany in World War 2 75 years ago. The military MMO will be reenacting the Berlin Victory Parade at 22:01 UTC on the official War Thunder YouTube channel.

75 years ago, the world celebrated the end of World War II in Europe and one of the most important events of that days was the Berlin Victory Parade. In honor of the Victory anniversary, Gaijin Entertainment has created a virtual reenactment of the Berlin Victory Parade of 1945 inside War Thunder – an online game featuring hundreds of historically accurate military vehicles from that era and beyond.

Russian developer Gaijin Entertainment has reenacted the parade as closely as possible to the historical event that took place in Berlin 75 years ago, stating that the vehicles will look exactly as they did on that day. While the real parade didn't include any military aircraft, War Thunder is adding an air component to the parade to "honor the pilots of Mustangs, Spitfires and Yak-9s who served in World War II."

You can check out the parade below - at the time of this writing it is live on the channel with a countdown clock. However, the full parade will be live on YouTube once the clock hits 22:01 UTC May 8th. Recently, World of Warships also commemorated the end of the War in Europe with a VE Day parade, which you can check out here.


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