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War Thunder Apex Predators Update Highlights Aircraft and is Coming This Month

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War Thunder has announced ‘Apex Predators’, the game’s big December update to come, featuring three well-known combat jets, and dozens of vehicles overall. The update will add to the potential tactical options.

The jets are one of the highlights of this update, for which Gaijin Entertainment has provided a new teaser trailer. In the trailer, the update gets a showcase, and the aircraft is at the heart of Apex Predators, which will be out near the end of the month.  While there are a number of additions coming in this update, aircraft are front and center in the trailer and in the content. Some of the well-known jets that are coming in the update include the F-16, the MiG-29, and the Panavia Tornado. 

The F-16 Fighting Falcon is still one of the most widely used combat aircraft in the world and the F-16A modification will be making his debut in this update for War Thunder.  One of the reasons it's impressive is that it can do an almost immediate vertical climb once it launches and breaks the sound barrier, while also allowing for skilled combat maneuvers. The MiG-29 is a Soviet fighter jet that is heavier than the F-16 a but has a lot of power. And the Panavia Tornado is regarded as a more balanced and multi-purpose jet.

The update will also include additional vehicles and it will open up the eighth rank in the aircraft development tree. For now, though, Gaijin is revealing and teasing more about this major aircraft update. Of course, that’s not all that is coming, with tanks like the Magach 7 from Israel, the Japanese SUB-I-II armored personnel carrier, and even the Soviet 9A35M2 Strela-10M2 anti-aircraft system.

Where there are new and powerful aircraft options to craft strategic encounters with, there are anti-aircraft options, naturally.

There will be lots more revealed about the update soon, as it’s set for late December.

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