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War of Thorns Chapter 1 Now Live on NA Servers - Now is the Time to Choose

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North American World of Warcraft players can now head into the game to take part in the first chapter of the War of Thorns, the pre-event setting up the Battle for Azeroth expansion that will launch on August 14th. The War of Thorns content will be split out over the next three weeks as the tensions escalate between Horde & Alliance.

For the Alliance, the threat the Horde poses is undeniable. King Anduin Wrynn has heard from his spies in Orgrimmar that the Horde has begun to mobilize an army into Silithus . . . but he quickly learns it’s a feint by the Horde to draw away the Alliance’s defenders. Will you be too late to protect the innocent in the Horde’s path as they march toward the great tree Teldrassil<ins fontfamily-blizzard"="">?

Check out the video below and the World of Warcraft community site to learn more.

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