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War of Dragnorox Hits Combat Milestones, Deve Prepare to Double Down on Preparing for Alpha

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War of Dragnarox is marking some additional milestones, including some significant progress on combat. Creative Director Josh Caba posted a new update blog to detail where the game is now, and what to expect down the line.

When it comes to combat, there was some difficulty in figuring out the right direction in the past. This led to requests for community feedback and some time honing in on just what the right system would be for the team. They’ve nailed it down, according to the new blog. They’ve finished the combat phase for all of the classes, which means the classes are ready for the next stage: alpha testing. 

“We've gone through a full revamp of our combat and it's BY FAR the best system we could have imagined. When we took on the premise of "magic is evil" we didn't have a total vision of where we were going with that, but we knew it'd be incredibly unique and different. Years later, that vision has come full circle as we're wrapping up our class build and combat design.”

There’s a very short clip of footage to tease this progress, but when we say short, it is blink and you’ll miss it. That said, it will still be a while before the game is in a state where they are ready to present it publicly, along with a number of the other systems.

Now, efforts will shift a little more to the core systems and to overhaul and polish everything up, on the way to finishing up all of the major systems in order to get to alpha. This means that the team will be stepping away from the monthly updates for a while, but since they say they’re close, the momentum is in building the game right now.

“We're planning on holding off on big announcements or marketing until sometime around August or September. At that point, we're going to release a handful of marketing videos and game reveal information and start pushing our marketing more. You'll get many questions answered at that point as we start to open up the gates of information.”

Read the full blog over at War of Dragnorox.


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