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War of Dragnorox Devblog Highlights Significant Development Progress Over the Past Several Months

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There’s a new devblog on progress  for War of Dragnorox, following several quiet months while the game has been under development. 

Creative Director Josh Caba addresses the stretch of time between this update and the last. The last update before this one, he already announced that things would go quiet for a while as the team just focused completely on developing the game features with total focus. That said, there's now an update talking about the progress they've made and what we might expect down the line. 

“As you know we've been pretty quiet and that is because we are making significant progress toward launching our beta,” Caba explains, emphasizing that the quiet just means that they’ve been all-in on development progress. The list of features that they have gotten done is substantial too.

  • Two Fully Completed Dungeon Builds
  • Built out our entire leveling process
  • Fixing bugs with looting corpse issues
  • Built out the entire inventory system and crafting components
  • Built out our server infrastructure and queue system for entering the game and hosting the game across multiple servers and regions.
  • Completed all functionality related to armor display and stats. 
  • Fixed issues with trade
  • Built out our "Operation" prototype. More to come about this in the future. 
  • Finished deploying our DM system to internal systems.

The words may be  relatively brief, but if you dive into what they've completed, it is significant. Not only have they built out the entire leveling process, inventory system and crafting components, but they have also made lots of progress on armor and stats (which go with leveling, of course)  and completed two full dungeons.

This is all in service of getting War of Dragnorox ready for testing. It looks like the decision to focus completely on developing these systems and deliberately getting a little quiet, has been a very good decision.


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