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War of Dragnorox 'At a Crossroads' Over Combat System Design and Wants Your Feedback

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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We haven’t heard all that much from War of Dragnorox recently, and an update from Creative Director Josh Caba now sheds some light as to why. 

With an update on development progress via the game’s Discord, Caba says, “Right now we’re in the midst of combat updates and figuring out how to best serve the community. In the past, we've showcased videos with tab targeting combat and built out a pretty solid system to capture this classic style of combat.”

However, there's a bit of a question that has come up and now the community input matters once again. He goes on to say that one thing that is missing from classic style MMORPGs is an engaging combat system. While clicking and tab targeting worked in those games, now they're wondering if there could be something more fun that doesn't feel grindy and boring.

“We are at a crossroads,” he writes. “Our goal is to make each enemy encounter in WoD exciting, dangerous, and captivating. Our vision is to turn the combat system Into more of a hybrid between what we've already shown off and an action style system. We'd like to give players the ability to use weapons / shields with the mouse button along with dodges, parries, rolls, etc, with other keys”.

So this is where you come in.

Taking inspiration from classic MMORPGs doesn't necessarily mean that you have to stick 100% with older systems. However,  what the team wants to know is if players want the classic system with some adjustments or if a new system, even something they haven't thought of yet, would be a welcome addition.

They’re looking for feedback on just how to create that fun combat system that will work with their vision for World of Dragnorox, but also with what the community would find most fun.

You can read more about the game and join the community to give your input over at War of Dragnorox.


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