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Want to Keep Tabs on the Development of Torchlight Frontiers? You Can Thanks to Trello!

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If you're one of those folks who like to keep tabs on the ins and outs of game development, then the news that the Torchlight Frontiers "living roadmap" may be of interest. A new blog on the TF site introduces fans to the concept of a living roadmap and how it provides a dynamic picture of what is currently in the development pipeline. While not designed to the the primary source of information about the game, it's an interesting peek behind the curtain.

We make development decisions informed by player input. The Trello board is a living roadmap that supplies context and primes the community with topics for discussion. This space is not intended as an exhaustive list of projects. But by increasing transparency we increase player knowledge, and by increasing player knowledge we empower the community to take a more active role in shaping the systems and features of Torchlight Frontiers.

Check out the roadmap here after stopping by the Torchlight Frontiers site to read its introduction.


Suzie Ford

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