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Want a Guild Name Change?

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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A new premium item has shown up in the Sony Marketplace for Everquest II players. Guilds looking for a new and different name can now purchase a Guild Rename Potion. But at what cost?

According to the announcement page, potions will set the buyer back 5,500 Station Cash or the equivalent of fifty-five real world US dollars.

We are pleased to now offer a Guild Rename Potion, available on the EQII Marketplace, for the price of 5500 Station Cash.

The choosing of a guild name is a very important rite. To help ensure that your new name is considered carefully, we are introducing the potion at the price of 5500 SC. We believe this price is fair for those who do want a name change, but will also serve as a deterrent to those who might want to frivolously rename their guild every time they have a kerfuffle in the lands of Norrath. In addition, we advise foregoing the wine next time, and sticking with blossom tea, or perhaps fayberry fizzlepop for guild meeting refreshments while you pick a new name.

There is a discussion going on at the official EQ 2 forums to help you gauge the reaction. Check it out!


Suzie Ford

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