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Wanderlost, An Action-Adventure Survival RPG Successfully Funds on Kickstarter

Steven Weber Posted:
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If you’re a fan of games like Terraria and Stardew Valley then you may be happy to hear that a new game, built in the same pixelated fashion, could be headed your way. Wanderlost is an action-adventure survival RPG developed by Eli Segal, published by Crytivo, and currently 115% over their $35,000 dollar Kickstarter goal.

Wanderlost touts a survival-crafting game with deep systems, and engaging real-time gameplay. The game will feature a main character, Bub, as he attempts to survive the wilderness against dangerous wildlife, and a slew of different zombies. As you continue your journey of farming, building, and exploring, you’ll also level up, and boost your stats, creating a stronger Bub for the challenging world that you inhabit. A roadmap details the predicted release date for the game, signaling a Pre-Alpha as early as July of 2021. By the end of 2021, the developer, Eli Segal, plans to have a full Alpha, which will lead to beta in early 2022, with an eventual release by the end of 2022.

As with any Kickstarter, backers should certainly be wary and understand the risks associated with backing a game. Eli makes the case that his project Wanderlost, that he has been working on full-time for over a year with the help of several freelancers, will be able to hire more talented team members to finish out the game he has spent so much of his time working on, and fulfill his commitment to backers.

“While we do not have the same level of expertise, tools, and funding as larger studios, we will do our very best at keeping our backers in the loop should any issues arise. We are proud to be partnered with a publisher who is able to help guide us along the way; this gives us the confidence that we will be able to hit our goals regardless and deliver on what we promise.”

-Eli Segal, Lead developer, Wanderlost

One of the biggest questions surrounding Wanderlost is whether the game will feature multiplayer. At this time, Eli states that he wants to create the best single-player game possible:

“Multiplayer is something we've give a lot of thought to but decided against. For now we're putting our resources toward making the best single player experience we can.”

-Eli Segal, Lead developer, Wanderlost

Wanderlost currently has 2 stretch goals available. If backer contributions exceed 45K, pets will be added to the game. If funding exceeds 70K, controller support, a switch release, and an Xbox and PlayStation port will be added to the list of completion goals. Wanderlost will be published by Crytivo, which is currently developing and publishing the popular Early Access title Universim.


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