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Wagadu Chronicles Expands Team, Share Details on Lore, Customization, More

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Wagadu Chronicles is back with another development update as they expand their team, and share additional information on lore, customization, and more.

As a quick recap, The Wagadu Chronicles is an isometric Afrofantasy MMO which entered Kickstarter back in September 2020. You can check out our initial coverage of the campaign. In fact, it hit its Kickstarter goal soon after it was announced.

This latest development update announced the addition of the newest team member, Malika Mutombo Mudimi, who joins developer Twin Drums as a 3D Art Intern with a focus on character customization.

Speaking of character customization, you can check out some of Malika’s work on character hairstyles in the assets shared in the Kickstarter update. The post also showed off some Emere and Asiman architecture as the team begins modeling some concepts for the buildings.

An NPC reputation system is also in development in which you’ll have reputation with Spirit Kingdoms depending on your competence in certain skills. Additionally, a simple quest loop is also in development to test out quest concepts.

The Kickstarter update also shared some lore facts including:

  • The attire of an Osabarima was altered to be more visually appealing after their unique form of wrestling was recognised as an official ceremonial dance.
  • The smiths have a special set of symbols so that they could have their incantations inscribed on their belongings without revealing their spells. The most common item worn by most smiths are breastplates attached to necklaces or harnesses, as the chest is said to have been considered the home of their moral judgement and principles.
  • People of the copper manifestation were commonly given decorative brass weights as good charms, in the hope that they would one day be able to use them to measure their gold, more weights were given as wealth was gained. People with lots of brass weights tend to be quite well respected in predominantly Ironmaster-influenced cultures.

In previous updates, The Wagadu Chronicles team showed off Savannas, chat bubbles, and more. For their prior Kickstarter update, check out our recap here.


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