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Wagadu Chronicles Adds Extra Stretch Goal

Campaign almost done

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Afrofantasy MMO currently in Kickstarter, Wagadu Chronicles, have added a final stretch goal as their campaign has just over one day left.

The new stretch goal is called Asiman and is set for 156,000 Euros or $185,000 USD and will include implementation of all Asiman sub-lineages in the game, including unique mechanics. The Kickstarter campaign actually hit 100% full funding last month. That funding goal was $117,769 but at this writing sits at $178,564.

If you’re unfamiliar with Wagadu Chronicles, it’s an upcoming isometric MMO built to harken back to the roots of the role-playing genre - where players embodied a role and not just min-maxed stats. It’s meant to be played as both an MMO online, as well as tabletop, bringing players together offline to experience the world even more. To that end, their campaign states,

“We believe that role-playing isn't always just about about grinding and growing stats. It's the embodying of a role; the presence of a backstory and all of the quirks and details that define your unique character.”


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