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VWORLD Sues NPCube and Farlan

Keith Cross Posted:
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NPCube and Farlan Entertainment, the makers of Dark and Light, are being sued by VWORLD over ownership claims and alleged misuse of VWorldTerrain technology.

VWORLD sues both Reunionese developer NPCube and Mauritian publisher Farlan Entertainment

CLERMONT-FERRAND - May 18, 2007 - VWORLD, LLC has brought a lawsuit before the County Court of Paris against Reunionese game development studio NPCube, and Mauritian game publisher Farlan Entertainment, currently exploiting the massively multiplayer on-line role playing game (MMORPG) title Dark and Light.

This action follows the complaint formerly introduced by M. Vincent Pourieux, CEO of VWORLD, for violation of intellectual property rights. The jointly incriminated companies continue to illegally exploit the procedural algorithms that characterize VWorldTerrain technology and claim ownership on them, which is an obstacle to its correct marketing by VWORLD.

NPCube and Farlan Entertainment will have to respond before Court to the following charges of indictment brought against them: software counterfeit, non-respect of the right to credit and paternity, unfair competition and parasitism.

For more on Dark and Light visit www.darkandlight.com/en.

For more on VWORLD visit www.vworld.fr.

For more on NPCube visit www.npcube.com.


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