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VR MMO Zenith Delays Second Alpha Again, Shows Off Gliding Quests

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Back in May the Virtual Reality (VR) MMO Zenith: The Last City (Z:TLC) stated that they will be delaying their Alpha until July 10th. Recently, a new Alpha-Beta Timeline dropped pushing that second Alpha out a couple weeks until July 24th. The Alpha, if the schedule holds, will run until August 1st.

If you’ve been waiting to get into the Zenith Alpha or Beta, you may just have to wait a little longer. The second Alpha has been pushed once again, now slated for to July 24th 2021, while the Early Bird Beta and Second Beta have yet to be scheduled. The updated Roadmap can be seen below:

The Zenith VR team has also posted a video depicting Gliding Quests and updrafts. Players who take on these challenges will fly through rings positioned in the sky. In order to keep their altitude, you will need to weave through updrafts and hit your marks to complete these new quests. Gliding Quests are not the only place you can expect to see updrafts and rings, these features could be found in many other facets of the game:

“Updrafts and rings are not just used for quests, events or trials, but they may also be used in other places in the game. We are still fleshing out where to use them at the moment, but, we have some good ideas on the table.” -ZenithVR Team via Imgur

If you’re not a backer, founder or Collector’s Edition holder of Zenith but still wondering if the game may be for you? If so, check out our latest hands-on impressions of the VR MMO from back in May. You can also learn more about Zenith: The Last City in our latest developer interview from April. Z:TLC is planned to release on SteamVR, Oculus, and Playstation VR sometime later this year.


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