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VR MMO Zenith Delays Its Second Alpha Test To July 10th

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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VR MMO Zenith has delayed their second alpha of the upcoming open-world MMO into July, the developer announced today via Twitter.

The Alpha 2 test, originally slated to start in June has been pushed back a month. The studio has announced the second test will now take place on July 10th, and in the tweet also released an updated roadmap showing the new testing dates.

"We changed the date for our Alpha 2 to start on July 10th so we have more time for improvements," the studio wrote on Twitter. Exactly what those improvements are hasn't been detailed, however, though the new test will take place from July 10th through the 18th, for those looking to experience the VR MMO for themselves. 

Zenith is still planning on two beta tests after this, though those dates have yet to be announced. 

Zenith's first test took place earlier this month, giving players a glimpse at the full MMORPG the developers are aiming to build. In an interview with RamenVR CEO Andy Tsen last month, we talked a bit about how the MMO was shaping up, including plans to release a PC client in addition to the VR client, the world size and more.


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