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VR MMO Developer RamenVR Is Donating Up To $100K To The Ukranian Red Cross For Humanitarian Aid

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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RamenVR, the studio behind VR MMO Zenith: The Last City, announced today that they will be donating the first $100K in income from game sales this week to the Ukranian Red Cross. This is in an effort to send more humanitarian aid to the war-torn country as it fights off Russia, which invaded last week.

Aid has been pouring in across the world to Ukraine after the Russian military invaded the country late last week. Game developers and studios have offered their support, as well as taken a stand against the invading Russians, including Belarusian studio (though it is now headquartered in Cyprus) Wargaming.net, which donated $1 million to the Red Cross to help those affected, including their employees at Wargaming Kyiv. 

RamenVR is also helping out, as the dev team announced today that they will be donating the first $100K in game sales this week to the Ukrainian Red Cross in order to help continue the ongoing humanitarian aid to the country.

In addition, the team is hoping that this will inspire those who can to donate as well, as they acknowledge it might not be as much as others in the grand scheme of things, but as an indie studio this is a significant amount. 

Here is the statement in full: 

Our goal with Zenith has always been to create a world of understanding, where diverse cultures could come together and make friends in harmony. That’s why our hearts are breaking as we watch the crisis in Ukraine unfold.

At the same time we have team members in Ukraine who are witnessing these horrors firsthand – and they’ve asked for our help.

Accordingly, we will donate the first $100,000 in income from game sales this week to the Ukrainian Red Cross and United Help Ukraine to provide humanitarian aid.

As a tiny studio we know this is only a small donation in the grand scheme of things, but hope our contribution could help raise awareness and inspire others to donate as well. (Please do) We hope for a peaceful resolution to this tragedy soon. #PrayForUkraine


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