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VIP Pet Guide

Keith Cross Posted:
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The folks at Myth War II have posted a guide to the game's VIP pets.

Myth War Very-Important-Persons are really lucky. With special privileges, they are the first patch getting to own VIP pets that have been introduced to the game recently, before anyone else.

The VIP pets in game are exclusively given to VIP players. The VIP pet group is composed of male human pets and female human pets. Wielding heavy hammers and riding an armored dinosaur, male human pets challenge the very essence of duals and PVP by making it seem like 2 on 1.

The rarity of these pets is also a big part of their allure. All VIP pets are combat oriented pets, ready for battle. Even the cute female human pets will bare their claws and brawl with the best of them. In addition to their fierce attacks, these pets all have 2 types of magic they can use.

Protect: Increases target’s defense

Flash: Utilizes the dazzling power of Flash magic to attack multiple targets

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Keith Cross