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Vindictus Adds Its 19th Hero, Dan-Ah, Wielder of the Soulblade With Events to Celebrate

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The latest update to Vindictus adds the long-running game’s and 19th hero, the new soul warrior Dan-Ah. To mark her addition, there are also some events to net you a new costume and special leveling bonuses.

Dan-Ah, in her lore, spent much time in the land of the living as punishment because she started as a warrior in the underworld and was banished. She uses the power of her Soulblade, a powerful sword enchanted with soul power, which she can use to make measured attacks and use soul abilities inherent to the blade.  According to her announcement press release,

Dan-Ah’s Soulblade is more than just a weapon, enchanted with the power of the king of the underworld, the Soulblade is used to make measured attacks, along with a repertoire of soul-powered abilities. In combat, she can throw her weapon and teleport to it, giving her incredible control of the battlefield. She can also unleash the power of souls from it to vanquish foes quickly. Her disciplined yet stylish skills make her an exhilarating character to play.

Using her ability, “Ritual of Ending”, sees her send the sword up, then she teleports across the field to perform a downward strike on a target. This is the most damaging skill she has, and it seems to be a centerpiece of her kit. 

Her gear, Phoenix Soul, is modeled after a phoenix’ wings and tail and this armor is her default look, but she also has another option called Grand Soul, to symbolize her past.

The addition of this new hero includes the Celebratory Package event, which will give all players who create a Dan-Ah and reach level 10 with her, a new permanent special outfit unlock. A level up event offers a number of bonuses to help new characters level. This event will be open to newly created Dan-ah or any characters you have on your account that are under level 30.

For more on Dan-Ah, see the Vindictus site.


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