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Viking-Themed Survival Game Valheim Makes Its Way To Early Access

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Viking-themed survival game Valheim has made its way to Early Access this week, bringing a bit of Norse flavor to the genre. 

To celebrate the anticipated launch earlier this week, the developers released a new trailer and roadmap for the year on their official Steam page. Valheim pits you in the harsh world of Yggdrassil's tenth world, Valheim, as you and up to 9 other players (assuming you don't want to brave it alone) must survive in the Norse-flavored world.

Sporting a procedurally generated world, Valheim also brings ship building and sailing, crafting houses, hunting and more - all standard fare for much of the genre itself. As you progress and survive in Valheim, you'll go up against mythical beasts from legend. 

It's currently seeing "overwhelmingly positive" reviews on Steam, calling it one of the more polished Early Access survival releases in recent memory. With the 2021 roadmap in place and the team promising quite a bit of content this year, including a new biome, it'll be interesting to see how Valheim fares and if it has real sticking power in a market where survival games are seeming a dime a dozen. We'll have our impressions early next week!


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