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Viking Survival Crafting Co-op Colony Builder Aska is now in Early Access. 

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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After wrapping beta, Viking survival colony builder Aska is now in Early Access. 

In Aska, you'll find a blend of survival crafting and co-op mechanics in an effort to shape the genre by blending those Viking details with elements from colony sims. It’s inspired by Vikings, survival games, and even things like The Silmarillion. It's your turn to see what you can do after you find yourself shipwrecked on an island with up to three other players and now it's time to figure out how you're going to survive. Yes, this is how pretty much any  survival game begins, but the studio is looking to put their own spin on all of this. Part of this is an in-depth approach to NPCs.

One of the key mechanics is the Eye of Odin, which is in every village when you establish one. This is how you summon your villages, and your villagers each have their own needs, like eating and drinking, and they also have their own specializations. Some villagers will be great lookouts at night and others will be great farmers, the blend is to try to make the villages feel more alive.  Your villagers can also die if they starve or don't get enough water or sleep. 


Hands-On Impressions: Aska Aims To Blend Survival With Colony Sims, With Some Tolkien Inspiration Thrown In

Early Access launched yesterday with a new trailer, and got some hotfixes to support the release. Launches can be buggy, and there was a bug that was corrupting people's saves that was fixed, and the team is looking at another fix on the way to auto-assign multiplayer match regions. To mark the launch, the team is also participating in the Steam summer sale and launching Early Access at a 10% discount through July 11th. 


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