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Viking RPG Valnir Rok Receives New God and More

By Poorna Shankar on January 22, 2020 | News | 0

Viking RPG Valnir Rok has received a major update with new areas, and a new god.

A god of love rises in Valnir. His monks have built a temple on the large mountain in the middle of the island. It is an area of peace and rest for exhausted warriors. According to the press release, if you are in danger, you can always get asylum in the church. No one will attack or endanger you there, which is nice.

Alongside this are the following new features:

  • Added church and monks with a peaceful area to Valnir
  • Added death spawn points to be able to get faster to certain spots
  • French translation of the game (Alpha/WIP)

Fixes include:

  • Updated item weights
  • Fixed some world errors (holes etc.)
  • Fixed a few UI issues
  • Fixed some shaders
  • Minor fixes in code

Improvements in this update include:

  • Changed some recipes like Workbench (now easier to get)
  • Added “Shift+Drag” and “Ctrl+Click” for splitting icons in UI (text)
  • Rebalanced loot and drop rates
  • Reduced loot in cities a lot
  • Reduced amount of animals 
  • Replaced some creatures
  • Updated sky and atmospheric scattering


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