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Viking RPG Valnir Rok Receives Christmas Event and Bug Fix Update

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Viking RPG, Valnir Rok, is receiving a Christmas event along with a host of bug fixes.

The multiplayer survival game want you to find Santa to receive a Steam Key for the game. There are 2000 keys total so it’s first come-first server:

  1. Upload a screenshot of santa in the Drekiberg labyrinth
  2. Add the #valnirsanta tag
  3. Tag your friend

Bug fixes are also included:

  • Fixed bug where healthbar shows full health despite being damaged
  • Animals, creatures and monsters sometimes did not show the correct health bar status when they got out of view and back into view and also for some other reasons.
  • Fixed bug where ranged weapons only removed but didn’t need projectiles.
  • Ranged weapons always need projectiles now. You now can’t shoot a bow without an arrow.
  • Fixed major bug that caused projectiles to not be respected in damage calculation. In some cases the projectile was not taken into account in the damage calculation.
  • Fixed minor bug where fall damage is sometimes applied seemingly randomly.
  • In certain cases you could be damaged when running down a hill or jumping off a horse because fall damage was calculated wrong.
  • Fixed bug in the crafting process of the updated simple shield.
  • Simple shield crafting recipe was broken and lead to a problem that some
  • Fixed multiple instances of misaligned world terrain / walls.
  • Lots of problems in the world with walls and unaligned colliders where fixed.


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