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Victrix Launches Fastest Xbox Controller And New Tournament-Grade Headset

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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Victrix, while only a few years old now, is known throughout the esports community as a company that excels at tournament grade, high-performing products. In that spirit, the San Diego-based company has launched two new products: the Gambit Dual Core Tournament Xbox Controller as well as a new wireless headset.

The new Gambit Dual Core Tournament Xbox Controller is, per Victrix's claim, the "world's fastest controller." The Xbox gamepad comes with their Dual Core technology, with one core handling the input processing of the triggers, buttons and stick inputs, the other core handles its audio processing, which comes wiht Dolby Atmos support. As a tournament grade controller, the Gambit controller comes with swappable thumbsticks, rear buttons, as well as adjustable stop triggers. The controller also features a swappable faceplate, with one having a textured grip whilst the other sports a sleeker design. The controller itself runs at $99.99 USD, putting it well under the cost of other tournament quality controllers, like Xbox's own Elite 2 controller.

Additionally, the Gambit Wireless headset is touted as a tournament quality as well, which is fitting considering this is where Victrix got their start. The company claims much of the acoustic performance of their high-quality Pro AF headset is there, though the Gambit can be used either wirelessly or through a 3.5mm connection. The headset comes with Dolby Atmos - a lifetime subscription for that matter - and is compatible on Xbox consoles and Windows 10. For PS5 players, the headset will support its 3D audio feature. The headest runs $129.99.

You can check out both on Victrix's website for more information.


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