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Victoria 3 Launches On October 25th, Bringing The Victorian Era To Life In Paradox's Grand Strategy Sim

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Victoria 3, the next entry in Paradox's series of grand strategy games, finally has a release date. The next entry in the Victoria series will launch on PC on October 25th, 2022.

Much like its previous entries in the Victoria series, Victoria 3 will see players take the helm of a society spanning from 1836 through 1936, seeing players navigate the years after the Napoleonic Wars in Europe, all the way through World War I and into the years leading up to the Second World War. Players can shape their society to meet the challenges the sim throws at them, from dealing with massive social issues that are starting to assert more control in the populations, through industrialization and more.

Via this morning's press release:

"Victoria 3 is a deep socio-economic and political simulation that endeavors to represent the needs and desires of every person on earth across a century of dramatic technological and social upheaval. Growing populations will have to be fed, but they will also make political demands to increase or maintain their power. Pass laws and social reforms to reflect the wishes of your citizens, or try to impose a brighter future on a nation that may not appreciate your forward thinking."

Like pretty much every Paradox grand strategy game, you can take the role of virtually any society on the planet during this time period, from Great Britain or post-Napoleonic France to even Asian powers such as the Japanese and the Qing Chinese. No two games will ever be alike as real-world scenarios mix with the world reacting to the decisions the player makes in their rise for dominance. Players can influence laws, social reform, and more. 

Victoria 3 takes the simulation to a new level as every citizen of a nation is simulated as well, from the lowliest of farmer to the politician looking to make a name for themselves. Additionally, world trade is an important element to ensuring economic dominance staves off economic collapse. 

Victoria 3 evokes an era that saw unprecedented technological improvements, social reforms, and more, while also being marked by war that helped shaped the modern world we live in even today. Victoria 3 is set to release on PC this October 25th, for $49.99.


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