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Version Update 6.0

Reed Hubbard Posted:
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MindArk has released VU 6.0 for Project Entropia.  This is a major upgrade and includes a brand new graphics engine among other things:

New Graphics Engine implemented
After almost three years the old NetImmerse graphics engine is retired and the new GameBryo engine is in place. This new graphics engine will enable us to add a lot of really cool graphic effects to Project Entropia, like weather, shadows, dynamic lighting, etc. In the course of the next few months several such graphic upgrades will come.

Client software feedback system
If the client software happens to Crash-to-desktop (â??CTDâ??), the client now have a feedback system in place. This system asks whether the participant is willing to help MindArk by sending in his or her current PC configuration. This information will help us track down any potential driver/hardware issues causing client stability problems.

New Avatar Trading interface
A brand new avatar to avatar trading interface added. The new interface is more secure and have a lot more feedback panels. Items can no longer be removed from the offer area without clearing the entire offer. A personal chat also appears when trade is initiated.

This is just a subset of the features implemented in this update.  Others include new weapons, new armor, and a new map interface.  To see a full list of VU 6.0 features, click here.

Follow this link to visit the official Project Entropia website.


Reed Hubbard