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Vermintide 2 Update, Be'lakor, Adds New Level, 31 Boons, and the Daemon Prince Himself to the Chaos Wastes

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Warhammer: Vermintide 2 has some new content today that should keep players busy for a while. There’s a new update to the previously-released free Chaos Wastes expansion. The new update, Be’lakor, brings a brand new level, new boons and traits, two new curses, a new enemy, Shadow Champions, and a Be’lakor level theme.

Be’lakor will now be present in the Chaos Wastes. When playing expeditions, you’ll come across levels influenced by the First Daemon Prince of Chaos. The new level you can plunge into is the Temple of Shadows, after you’ve destroyed the Shadow Locus in order to find it. Once inside, you'll face Shadow Lieutenants, and have the chance to weaken their connection to Be’lakor. If you can destroy his statue after destroying the lieutenants’ loci, you can walk away with some veteran boons. 

Speaking of boons, there are 31 in this new update, which should give you many possible combinations for your chosen build and play style. Also in the update are seven new weapon traits, which will let you do Everything from breaking shields and sending splinters to deal damage to nearby enemies, to increasing chances of critical hits, ranged critical hits with no ammo cost, and more. Six of the previous boons have been made  weapon traits, shaking things up a little bit. The end result of all of these changes will give players a number of new options.

The two new curses are Shadow Skulls, which makes skulls spawn out of thin air, and Shadows Totems, where totems around the level will continue to spawn enemies. There are also some new premium cosmetics on PC and Xbox, with these coming to PlayStation 4 on Friday, July 17th.

For the full patch notes for the new Be’lakor update for Chaos Wasted, you can find them over on Warhammer: Vermintide 2.


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