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Vendetta Online Update Address UI, NPCs, Station Docking

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Several recent updates for Vendetta Online touched on UI updates, NPC behavior, and station docking. If you’re currently playing, hopefully these updates continue to improve the experience, as the team has signaled they’d like to continue to address player suggestions.

If you’re unfamiliar with Vendetta Online, you’re able to build your characters into a variety of different paths, become rich captains of industry if you wish, military heroes, or outlaws. Three major factions aid this in a persistent online universe. It’s described as including a fast-paced, real-time twitch combat system against RPG gameplay.

Some recent patches over the past few days addressed several UI issues including:

  • New prototype UI for the Login, Character Select, and Options menus available on Windows. The previous skin can be selected in Options -> Interface -> UI Skin -> Platinum
  • If a player's "Named" capship is destroyed and is not Enduring, the name is reserved for 30 days for the player to use again, during which it may not be taken by another player.

Additionally, NPCs will now ignore mines if they’re more than 1000m away in non-station sectors. The team also noted that they’re trying to be more responsive to player suggestions, like the aforementioned mine issue. They’ll do so as time permits.

The ability to dock in stations was also addressed in a recent update,

  • Enduring Content History is now included in the /charinfo menu ("k") when targeting another player.
  • Players can no longer dock to stations if they have weapon fire in-flight. This includes blasters, missiles, rockets, mines, etc. Conquerable stations and capships do not have this restriction.
  • No-Fire Zone violations now cause Pillar of Society standing with the given faction to be reduced to Admire after the TempKoS expires.
  • Sectors with Ion Storms are now un-monitored.

Recently, the team was able to address the Vulkan renderer on Windows, in addition to rolling out support for M1 Macs. In January, the game received new capital ship remote commands as well.


Poorna Shankar