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Vendetta Online Receives New Capital Ship Remote Commands

Plus a few more updates to Temporary Kill on Sight

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In a recent newsletter, the Vendetta Online team outlined several new additions including new remote capital ship commands.

Originally, the remote commands were pretty limited to just follow and park. Now, however, they’ve been expanded to combat, defense, patrolling, mining, and docking. If you have a Trident or Goliath class ship, you can command it to remotely mind an asteroid. Note, there are still a few restrictions, but the newsletter leaves the door open for future enhancements.

The newsletter also touches on faction changes to the Temporary Kill on Sight system mean to address constant griefing in PvP. These TKOS timers are now running on game time dependent on time spent logged in, and not real-world-clock time. Also, note there’s an upcoming event on January 2 at 4p CST called the Corporate Sector Run. You can find more information on that event here.

The newsletter also points to a few updates including:

  • Unaligned pirate capital ships now "patrol" the debris field, instead of remaining still.
  • Blockade convoy capital ships now stay near the wormhole when the sector restarts, instead of always coming in from 5000m.
  • Ship Unequip actions now check for available storage space and prompt to rent more when necessary.
  • Added ability for players to report spybots using '/report "name" spybot'. The player being reported must be launched in space and located in the same sector as the reporter


Poorna Shankar