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Vendetta Online Now Supports M1 Macs

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Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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Good news, macOS users! If you've been waiting to play Vendetta Online on your new shiny M1-powered Mac, now you can.

The latest patch, Patch 1.8.541, is all about enhanced Mac support:

  • Mac version now supports Apple ARM processors natively, such as the M1.
  • Added new "Vulkan (Metal)" video driver for recent MacOS versions, using "MoltenVK" Vulkan-on-Metal API.

The patch also brings support for Vulkan and Metal, while bringing performance improvements for OpenGL 4.

  • Vulkan + Metal driver supports "full screen window mode" on Mac, for ease of switching desktop "spaces".
  • Major performance improvements for OpenGL 4 driver on ARM-based Apple M1 devices.
  • Improved installation compatibility of Mac version with recent versions of MacOS.

The rest of the patch notes discuss how the team now has a Metal-native renderer which no doubt is the reason for this enhanced Mac support. You can check out the full patch notes here.


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