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Vendetta Online Is Free to Play Now

Plus level caps removed for freemium and Lite accounts

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Vendetta Online basically went free to play over this weekend as they latest patch rolled out.

The patch notes, viewable on Facebook, specify that Vendetta Online’s freemium gameplay is not possible on all platforms. Furthermore, this free to play model is now the default for anyone who creates a new PC account.

Additionally, freemium and Lite accounts can now submit events in addition to creating guilds, and serve as council. Level caps for lite and freemium accounts have been removed. Additional patch notes include,

  • Lite Members now gain access to build and use Goliath-class capital ships (also retains 50% higher daily crystal limits from bots).
  • Technically, all players may now construct Capital Ship components, but final assembly and usage is limited by membership tier.
  • Secure In-App Purchase is now available in the game-client, on native PC platforms, using Guild Software's existing in-house credit card handling. See in-game Options for details.
  • Added more internal analytics to help monitor the changes. On-going business model changes may be expected (crystal tweaks, etc).
  • Premium access still includes: Tridents, less aggressive AFK logoff, LTS benefits, etc. New content will be added to the Premium tier, along with other benefits.

Thanks for the tip, JL!


Poorna Shankar