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Veilbreaker Update for Warframe Launches, With Styanax, Archon Hunts, a Quest Featuring Kahl-175, and More

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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If you’re looking to grab Styanax, the 50th Warframe, then Digital Extremes will offer it for free for a limited time with today’s release of the new Veilbreaker update. The update features a new single-player quest, featuring Grineer Kahl-175, and continues the story following The New War. 

Veilbreaker’s new story quest sees Grineer Kahl-175 return as a playable character. You have to battle your way through sentient enemies with Kahl’s armaments, breaking the Veils that are holding Kahl’s brothers captive. It also brings new weekly missions in upcoming Garrison assignments that will let you progressively upgrade and customize Kahl over time into a true Grineer hero. 

The update also brings some new Archon hunts. Team up with your squad and power up to be able to survive and take on the challenge. This is also where Styanax would be helpful, once you’re able to claim it. Currently, Styanax is set to be available for free by logging in anytime from now through September 21st, but there have been some issues with the giveaway, and Digital Extremes has disabled it until further notice. But once they have everything sorted, be prepared to get your hands on this new Warframe. 

Styanax is a warrior, using a spear and shield, and uses an Axios Javelin to push back enemies and strike. Using the shield, Styanax can drive enemies back, reduce their defenses, and also restore health with enemy hits. It’s also possible to damage multiple enemies at a time, which seems useful for those new replayable Archon hunts. Complete all three missions of a hunt and get an Archon Shard, which have a chance to be Tauforged. Put your shards into your Warframes for permanent stat upgrades.

Also in the update are several quality of life updates, including balance and reworks, and new customization options. These include new Voidshell skins to transform your Warframes, a new Protea Caladrius Collection, which provides Protea with a new look and theme, based on the mythological caladrius bird. Also find supporter packs for the new update as well.

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