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Vampires, Creepy Creatures, and Loads of New Content as EverQuest's Terror of Luclin Expansion is Live

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EverQuest has some creepy new adventures to take on the moon of Luclin in the latest expansion, Terror of Luclin, out today. 

The expansion tells of rumors that have followed Mayong Mistmore, who was last spotted on Luclin. The vampire lord’s whereabouts are now unknown, and even his followers don’t really know what’s going on. So who will get to the bottom of this? Why, you of course, if you’re looking for brand new adventures. It’s up to you and other adventurers to figure things out, of course.

Also of note here are the Akheva, and their High Priestess Aten Ha Ra, who is on her own mission to concentrate power across Luclin. She has already taken some power back, but some is not enough, so she’ll be a challenge for those that make it to her. This should give you an idea of just what to expect with the new mysterious content. As with EverQuest II’s latest expansion, Visions of Vetrovia, things are taking a turn into the weird, complete with odd, threatening creatures from other places.

This expansion definitely embraces the supernatural and sometimes weird menace of creatures and ancient beings that are up to no good. The new raids, quests, and missions will help boost you to the expansion’s new level cap of 120, and the seven new zones include both new and reimagined areas. Visit Luclin’s prison, adventure in Vex Thal, Bloodfalls, and other areas.

Expect the dangers to come to a head with all of what’s going on, as the Terror of Luclin launch trailer dives right into. Along with some shadow creatures from the planes, like the Akehva that have decided to side with Aten Ha Ra, vampires, and Tegi.

There are new spells, combat abilities, and AAs to check out, as well as new Collections. You can check out all of the  expansion content for EverQuest, with the latest, Terror of Luclin, and find out more on the launch announcement page.


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